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  • Learning through creativity

    Welcome to Northgate School Arts College where our mission statement ‘Learning through Creativity’ informs our whole school ethos and curriculum. We achieved Arts status in 2008 following the development of the subjects music, drama, art and media over a period of time and the realisation that the ability to achieve in these areas often lead to a dramatic improvement in the confidence and self esteem of our young people that carried over into other curriculum areas within school as well life outside of school.s

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  • Balanced Curriculum

    Northgate is a generic special school for pupils who have a statement for Special Educational Need. We have been on this site in Kingsthorpe since 1963, but the school’s history can be traced back to 1905. Following a remodelling programme in 2002 the school is a purpose built secondary school that encompasses specialist facilities for art, science, food technology, resistant materials technology and ICT as well as a full size gymnasium and playing field. This enables us to deliver a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum that is personalised to meet the needs of individual pupils working across a wide range of academic levels, learning styles and with very different physical needs. We work closely with our local community and encourage pupils to build an awareness of their role as citizens of that community alongside an understanding of their role in the global community.

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  • Releasing full potential

    Our intention is to enable our pupils to develop their full potential before moving on from school to be successful members of adult society. Our older pupils access links with the local colleges at Northampton, Daventry and Moulton as well as work related learning opportunities within the local environment. The intention is to provide pupils with a sound knowledge base to make decisions with regard to their transition from school be this to a college placement, work based training or the post 16 provision of Northgate or another local special school.

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