Academy Values

Academy Values

Our ethos is deeply rooted within one ideal.

All pupils must experience the opportunity to develop a deep sense of personal-worth and confidence.

We strive to guide each pupil’s personal development to enable their growth as successful, independent citizens within a global community and to provide an enriching educational experience through the integration of The Arts across the curriculum.


Our aims are linked to the Every Child Matters agenda.

Stay safe

  • All pupils have a safe and appropriate environment that meets their emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs.
  • The boundaries of behaviour are clearly defined, understood and respected by staff and pupils. These boundaries are based on trust, acceptance and manual support.

Be Healthy

  • To provide an inclusive school experience built on principles that are the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Educate pupils to make informed, knowledgeable and balanced lifestyle choices.

Enjoy and Achieve

  • To provide all pupils with equal access to an appropriate personalised curriculum that meets their individual needs.
  • To use assessment and target setting as tools to secure an appropriate learning experience for each pupil.

Positive Contributions

  • To encourage all pupils to contribute to the school community in a positive manner.
  • To actively involve all pupils in the decision making processes within the school and promote the exercise of personal choice.
  • To acknowledge the positive contributions of our staff and pupils at every opportunity.

Active Economic Wellbeing

  • To encourage pupils to develop an awareness of themselves as individuals.
  • To develop pupils’ independent aspirations as they journey through school towards adulthood and move on from a learning community to an adult living environment.

Community Cohesion

  • To encourage pupils to understand and participate in the school, local and wider community.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of diversities within the global community and their role within it.
  • To support the development of skills which will enable pupils to achieve personal goals and thrive within a global community.