“That is the supreme value of history. The study of it is the best guarantee against repeating it.” –  John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir

Holly looks forward to coming to school everyday and feels safe.

- Sue Matthews

In KS3 pupils study the Roman Empire, the Norman Conquest and the Tudor and Stuarts, through to Industry and Empire and a local study of history in Northampton.

There are various trips that are offered in KS3 to compliment these studies, such as a visit to The Black Country Museum and Warwick Castle.

In KS4 pupils work towards an Entry Level Qualification by studying WW1 and WW2. There is also a 400 word in depth study of Anne Frank to coincide with their studies on the Holocaust.

Course Information
  • Room:HG209
  • Days:MON | WED | FRI
  • Timings:10-15am - 11-00am
Katie Andrews