“We are immersed from cradle to grave in a media and consumer society and thus it is important to learn how to understand, interpret and criticise its meanings and messages.” –  Douglas Kellner, University of California

Media literacy is defined by Ofcom as ‘the ability to access, understand and create communications in a variety of contexts’. Our aim is to enable our pupils to become Media Literate people.



The media are such an important aspect of everyone’s lives that understanding them better, and being able to use them, is empowering as well as enjoyable. People with learning disabilities watch television programmes and films on DVD, use the internet, text, take photos, Make films and music etc. By developing their skills in analysing and evaluating moving image media, and other media forms, people with learning disabilities can become more adept at a key aspect of literacy in the twenty-first century: media literacy.

At Northgate we hope to develop pupil skills in:

  • Digital photography
  • Filming
  • Animation
  • Editing sound
  • Games Creation
Course Information
  • Days:TUE | WED
  • Timings:3-00pm - 4-00pm
David Skuce