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Well ‘We could have danced all night,’…….. no I haven’t gone mad but a big THANK YOU to everyone who       supported our fundraising ‘Glitz and Glam’ ball at the beginning of October. The room looked fabulous, thanks to Miss Kennedy, Miss Moriarty and Mrs Jacobs for all their hard work and the entertainment kept the guests on their feet until the early hours. We raised over £1,500     towards our ‘school residential’ pot which enables us to subsidises some of these activities for pupils.

So far this has been a good year for fund raising. In     September Amazon, based at Daventry told us a       member of their staff had nominated Northgate as one of their charities for the year and we could have a £1000 if we could identify something to spend it on!!! We     requested funds to support the overhauling of the     polytunnel on the Northgate site and to purchase some new equipment to support the pupils gardening around school. We are now the proud owners of leaf collectors, wheelbarrows, spades, etc. and can’t wait to get started. If you are the parent that put our name forward –   THANK YOU.

On The Bee Hive site, we have continued to receive a steady stream of donations towards the setting up of the Horti Hub which is starting to look very professional. We have also been chosen as the charity of the year by the golf captains, Colin and Jane, at Northampton County Golf Club. They have run various events through the year and raised close to £20,000 to purchase all the         equipment (and soundproofing) we need to set up a   recording studio and radio station. They were also   supported by David Williams Insurance Company who donated the £5000 they raised at a Golfing Day in       September. The ‘bit extra’ will be used to purchase a ‘sound beam’ to support all aspects of the arts across the site. We have already heard the student’s first go at a radio programme and we hope to be able to put podcasts on to the website in the near future.

It seems unbelievable that we are approaching the end of the first term and what is worse is the       numbers of pupils and students that know how many shopping days it is until Christmas. We have been busy planning the Transitions Events and Choices evenings where you get the opportunity to review the options for your child after school. We focus these events at the families of pupils in year 9 and above as this is the year we start planning for after school through the EHCP Review process and setting of outcomes and targets.

Our new pupils have, for the most part, settled in well to school life. I would like to remind all parents of some basic housekeeping rules; we do not allow nuts in school as we have a number of young people and staff who have nut allergies. This includes peanut butter in sandwiches for snacks or lunch and         chocolate bars such as Snickers or Topic. Alongside this we do not allow fizzy drinks in school but please be aware that a few of the pupils that walk/cycle into school are purchasing ‘energy drinks’ on their way in and drinking them before school starts. This has had a serious effect on the behaviour of a few young   people in school and we will contact families       immediately if this continues.

I am rather hoping that this lovely weather we are having will continue into next week so I can get into the garden, the unseasonal warmth has confused the plants and I already have a lovely show of ‘Spring’ primroses popping up. We are trying to get some more bulbs planted on both school sites at the     moment to we can maintain our reputation for   having lovely displays. We entered the Northampton in Bloom completion again this year, but showed The Bee Hive site rather than Northgate site but still achieved a ‘Silver Gilt’ so a big Well Done to Mrs Whitehead and her team..I hope everyone has a great break and please remember that we return on Tuesday 31st October..

Kind regards,

Miss Shez Webb


Newsletter October 2017

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